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About Us
Or what's so great about bicycles?

Bicycling is FUN!

Our mission is to help YOU have fun while achieving YOUR cycling goals, whatever they may be.

For maximum cycling enjoyment you’ll need the right bike, the right fit and the right gear. We’ll start by listening to your goals for competition, fitness or recreation and then discuss the style of riding you plan to do most. Together we’ll check out some awesome bicycles from Giant, Liv, Trek and more. When you find one you like, we’ll fit it to you and have you take it out for a test ride. You’ll be out riding your new bike this weekend and grinning ear to ear.

Already have a bike that just needs some TLC? We’ll be happy help with that too. We service all makes and models of bicycles, and we offer three service packages to make getting your bike ready to ride easy and affordable. No matter what you ride, having the right gear and accessories can make bicycling more enjoyable. If you feel like something is holding you back, you’re probably not alone. We can help you find a solution so you can spend more time riding and having fun. You’ll be amazed what a difference adjusting your seat height or a new pair of padded shorts can make.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t have anyone to ride with? Don’t know where to ride? That’s okay because we’re here to help. – Let’s Ride!

Our History

Let’s Ride Bicycles has been serving the Kansas City northland cycling community since 2016 as the bicycling division of Motorcycle Closeouts, which was established in 2002 by Rusty Beck. To understand how a bicycle shop ended up inside a motorcycle apparel store, we’ll have to go back about 40 years.

As a kid, I really loved things with wheels, namely bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks. When I was barely a teen ager I started buying wrecked bicycles, repairing them, keeping the coolest ones for myself and selling the rest. At times I had 20 to 30 bicycles in various states of repair in my parents’ basement. Before long, people I didn’t even know were knocking on the door looking to buy a used bike and my first business was born.

I used the profits from the bicycle business to buy my first motocross bike when I was 16. And thus began my long history of motorcycling. Motorcycles didn’t replace bicycles in my life, I really enjoyed both. I spent countless hours riding BMX bikes and dirt bikes (don’t tell anyone) in the woods along the Blue River which is now home to some of the best mountain biking trails in Kansas City. I bet I crossed the train bridge on 118th Street several thousand times on my way back to the river to ride or fish.

Fast forward about 20 years to an adventure motorcycle ride in Arkansas with my riding buddy Randy, where we decided it would be a great idea to launch a web site focused on selling closeout motorcycle riding apparel. Within a few months I had the web site up and running and opened a retail store on North Oak, near Barry Road. Things were going well and we were outgrowing our space, so in 2009 I relocated the business to a larger building in Smithville with a side benefit of being closer to home and my kids’ school.

Motorcycle Closeouts had been sponsoring a BMX team for several years, which had me thinking about bicycles more and more. So, in 2016 when the opportunity to become a Giant bicycle dealer arose, I jumped at the chance. The following summer Trek was looking to expand their presence in the northland enabling us to add Trek bicycles and Bontrager accessories to our lineup.

I feel truly blessed to be so involved with two of my favorite activities: motorcycling and bicycling. So, while it may be unusual to have a motorcycle apparel store and a bicycle shop under one roof, I think you’ll find motorcyclists and bicyclists have a lot in common. We all love adventures in the great outdoors, look forward to the challenge of travelling on two wheels, and enjoy doing things a little differently than the masses. Stop in and say “Hello” and you’ll know what I mean. -Rusty

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14123 Earthworks Drive
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Our retail store is located in the northland of the Kansas City Metro and is only 2.5 miles north of the I-435 loop on 169 Highway. We’re just 15 miles north of downtown Kansas City, so you’ll get here faster than you think.

If you’re heading NORTH on 169 Hwy:

2.5 miles north of I-435 turn right (east) on NE Amory Road. Amory Road is easy to spot as it’s just across 169 Hwy from the blue Smithville water tower. After turning on Amory, take an immediate left on Earthworks drive (the parking lot), and we’ll be the third building on your right with the big blue metal roof. Note: if you get to McDonald’s you missed your turn onto Amory by 1 mile, so get a cheeseburger and follow the directions below.

If you’re heading SOUTH on 169 Hwy:

1 mile south of the Smithville McDonald’s turn left (east) on NE Amory Road. Amory Road is easy to spot as it’s just before the blue Smithville water tower, which will be up ahead on your right. After turning on Amory, cross the northbound lanes of 169 Hwy and take an immediate left on Earthworks drive (the parking lot), and we’ll be the third building on your right with the big blue metal roof. Note: if you pass the blue water tower on the right you missed your turn onto Amory. Don’t worry, as there are several places to turn around.

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